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Earlier this year, an exploratory meeting was held with the team at Kids Junction to begin talking about the possibility of a new 4K on the west side of Madison. Since then, word has spread, interest has grown, and we are moving forward with opening a new Christian Half Day 4K school in the fall of 2023, Kids Junction Christian School!

At Kids Junction Christian School, our mission is to develop students who are committed disciples of Jesus Christ through our vision of high level academic achievement, strong moral character, and life-changing personal faith in Jesus Christ.  

We accomplish this by offering all of our students:

  • Christian values integrated in all learning experiences;
  • Literacy-theme based activities;
  • Powerful academic curriculum;
  • Integrated learning centers;
  • Low student-to-teacher ratios.


Our philosophy of early childhood curriculum mainly focuses on hands-on exploration and discovery of God’s world through active engagement with all 5 senses. The curriculum is theme based using developmentally appropriate resources and high quality literature. Handwriting Without Tears is our basis for handwriting, reading readiness and basic math skills. Gospel Light’s My Great Big God series is used for Bible and Worship.

  • We believe each child is uniquely created by God in His image, Luke 8:16; Psalm 139:13-16
  • We believe each child is an individual with their own rate of development and maturation, Luke 2:52
  • We believe children learn by exploring, participating, and discovering their world through all the senses. 
  • We accept each child's differences in skills and interests while encouraging a well-rounded individual to meet their highest potential.
    • We integrate this into our Preschool by focusing on concepts and strategies that use:
      • One on one interaction
      • Small and large group instruction
      • Interactive learning
      • Active manipulation of concrete materials to build a solid growth and learning foundation


Faculty and Staff

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    Charles Moore

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    Dana Lucash

    Business Office Manager
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    Jill Besley

    Admissions Director
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    Sandi Herron

    Preschool Director
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    Shelby Everett

    Lead Teacher
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